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About people who love or work with wood.

Manmeet "Lucky" Singh Guitar Maker

Manmeet Singh, better known as "Lucky", leads me down one of these alleys where the noise of the street recedes and sunlight is cut off by the overhang of closely built brick and cement houses. He unlocks a steel door and ushers me into his 10 by 20 feet workshop. The little windowless workshop is crammed with carefully bundled stacks of wood of various species. He collects different types of wood, and lots of it. For, Lucky is a luthier; at 23, he is perhaps one of the country's youngest and already a pro known for his finishing skills. [10 December 2017]

Manmeet "Lucky" Sing, Luthier

Sourcing Teak from the forests
When Abhinav Singh, a young Noida based entrepreneur, decided to build a house for his extended family he decided he wouldn’t settle for anything but the best. When it came to sourcing the wood, Abhinav did not rely on local lumber yards. Instead he went back to the Internet to research the source of Indian Teak. His search ultimately led him to the forests of Madhya Pradesh, which during British times was part of the then Central Provinces. [28 February 2016]
Forest department Teak auction

India's first DIY Woodworking Instructor
Abid Ali, a sprightly tennis coach in his mid-Forties, can rightfully claim to be India's first DIY woodworking instructor. An avid woodworker himself, Abid has been instrumental in getting several people interested in woodworking. [6 February 2016]

Abid Ali, woodworking instructor

A Woodworker in Assam
Raj works at a public sector Oil Refinery as Assistant Manager at Digboi at one end of Assam. "To reduce stress I do yoga and Wood working as my hobby," he says. He started wood working in mid-2014 with only a few tools. 30 January 2016

Raj at his makeshift workshop

Obsession with Wood
Two young men obsessed with the idea of using different kinds of wooden material for architectural interiors ended up with an enterprise solution to their dreams. 18 January 2016

Ankush Seth: wood designer

Thomas Mathew's Amazing Talent
At one stage I thought the DIY woodworking scene in India was like a barren desert but increasingly I am coming round to believing that it is actually quite fecund. The country seems to abound with people of exceptional talent ploughing their lonely furrows. At times, some of them surface through this blog. Meet former engineer Thomas Mathew of Bangalore, maker of exquisite furniture. [10 January 2016]
Thomas Mathew of Bangalore

 Mousam Ali - Plane Maker
Mousam Ali is a small man with a white beard and bird like movements. He spoke softly with a slight stammer and invited us into his dingy workshop. He said he has been making hand planes and other tools since 1977. He was delighted to learn that I wanted him to make a 24 inch wooden plane. 5 October 2015

Mousam Ali, plane maker

Sunil Chetiwal: Hobbyist Innovator
A Delhi-based hobbyist woodworker, Sunil Chetiwal, recently wrote in with photographs of his innovations: a homemade table saw and a drill press stand. Both work perfectly and he can get precision at a fraction of the cost of a regular table saw and drill press stand. 8 April 2014

An Art Nouveau House in India
Nothing can prepare you for industrialist Sanjaya Kanoria's remarkable house. Entering the house through its carved ten feet high doors is to be transported into another world; one dominated by fantastic Art Nouveau d├ęcor.  The enormous house, which took almost a decade to complete, contains in its three stories a veritable museum of designs in wood. 15 Feb 2014

Sanjaya Kanoria in his Arrt Nouveau house

Traditional Bengal Furniture: Interview with Adrian Basu
Adrian Basu is a collector and antique furniture restorer based in Calcutta. At an early age he became interested in art, antiques and period furniture. As a Eurasian (his mother being Austrian and late father Indian), he was privileged in inheriting art and antique traditions from both cultures. His association with art and antiques led him to restore furntiure.

Ralp and Adrian Basu: furriture collectors

Colonel Bala's Workshop
Passion conquers all obstacles. Retired Indian Army Colonel CV Bala, who lives in a remote Madhya Pradesh town called Mhow, has pursued his love for woodworking with rare single-mindedness. He scours Indore, the nearest large town, and Delhi's Chawri Bazar for tools. He has also imported a large number of accessories, tools and so on from abroad to build a dream workshop. 6 March 2014

Col Bala in his home workshop

Learning from a Hobbyist Culture
Zain Abedin is an avid woodworker recently returned from a long spell in the United States. He is an engineer by profession but of late has increasingly been drawn to woodworking and is considering a career in making fine furniture and cabinets. He talks about some of the lessons Indian hobbyist woodworkers could take from their US counterparts. 15 September 2013

Zain Abedin

Singh's PantoRouter
An extremely resourceful Indian originally from Jalandhar is making PantoRouters in Japan. It is a great tool that can replicate wood joints and other parts.24 May 2012



  1. How can we approach to Mr Mousam Ali for ordering wood planes and other tools, made by him ? Any contact no or address please share.

    1. Unfortunately, he is in a village and will make planes only if you are present there physically. I am sure you will find local tool makers in Assam - perhaps in Guwahati. Best wishes

    2. Mr. Raj Kumar why don't you try to make the wooden plane yourself. All you will need are a saw, a chisel and and a hammer. It is not exactly rocket science if you give it a try. You will reach there after a few mistakes and goof ups.

  2. Hi, I'd like to contact Mr. Abid Ali for lessons. Could you please share his contact details. Thanks.

    1. Email him at maxtennis2000@yahoo.com

  3. Hi,

    I'm Sulaiman, I'm interested in woodworking and get more ideas when ever I think of wood working. Is there any training provided in chennai or any contact person available there so that i can learn about woodworking. Thanks in advance for your help.


    1. Sulaiman, unfortunately I have no idea about who you might want to contact in Chennai. Check out the woodworking section in diyable.net, you might find an answer.

    2. Mr.Sulaiman you do not need any teacher in the flesh to teach you wood working. If you have come far to this blog you can very well see Youtube videos that teach you wood working basics and you take it on from there. There are literally hundreds of videos that you can learn wood working from the masters. Indian carpenters are not so forthcoming to teach their trade unlike westerners who readily share their wisdom. Like in the epics it would be better to learn wood working like Ekalavya.

  4. R. Thomas Easow07 March, 2018

    Dear Indranil,
    Today I accidentally came across your blog, and i'm so very surprised and excited to see that i'm not a loner in the world of DIY woodworking (in India). I started off trying my hand at woodworking around 2013, and havn't stopped till date. Have made several projects starting from a tiny book shelf with a scrap plywood and sunmica, later followed by bathroom cabinet, wall mounted study table for kids, then a bunk bed out of solid wood, then designer shelves out of pine wood, and currently working on building a table saw cum router table.
    It gives me immense joy to see so many woodworkers across the nation. But it also saddens to see that not many people understand the worth of it. Also the lack of tools and hardware discourages many.
    Happy woodworking.

    1. I find more and more people getting into wodworking of late. Its a good trend but as you rightly observe, the lack of quality tools and hardware is discouraging.You shouild check out the active Facebook group called DIY woodowrking in India run by a guy called Somu. Best of luck with your woodworking.


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