Here I air some of my thoughts and observations on DIY and woodworking.

Two Approaches to Woodworking
Nowadays I find myself increasingly put off by most Western youtube videos, articles and books on woodworking, primarily because woodworking there appears to be centred on the table saw. Apart from cutting wood to size, the table saw is used for making joints, mouldings and much more. For all this there are a bewildering variety of jigs, dado sets and what have you. [26 June 2015]

Traditional Units of Measurement in India
In India too we had the traditional measures of length. Those relevant for woodworkers were anguli (literally finger), haath (elbow to end of middle finger) and gaz. The problem was, unlike in Japan, these measures were not properly standardised and differed according to region. [27 April 2015]

Japanese Attitudes to Tools
When we see a great tool and like it, we buy it if we can afford it. Not so with the Japanese. Before buying a great tool, the Japanese craftsman must ask himself whether he is equal to the tool, whether he has reached the level where he can utilise the tool to its maximum potential.[19 August 2014]

Reading up on Victorian Furniture
I have been doing some reading on Victorian furniture. Why Victorian furniture, you might ask. Well, because a lot of what we consider “traditional” furniture is actually Victorian furniture. [12 May 2014]

Article on DIY in Hindu BusinessLine
Sravanthi Challapalli, a Chennai based journalist has written an excellent article on the DIY scene.[20 March 2014]

Accuracy and Our Culture of Tolerance
Everywhere I find little attention to detail; few people take pride in their work; many do not know proper work methods; most aim to somehow get the things done; and the execrable “jugaad” syndrome is turned into a virtue. It is this “chalta hai” mindset that is at the bottom of the shoddy quality of a lot of work in India.

James Krenov
James Krenov was a legendary American woodworker who passed away in 2009 at the grand old age of 88. His A Cabinetmaker’s Notebook, a classic that together with books such as Jack Kerouac’s On the Road seemed to define the spirit of the Seventies, was an instant hit when it was first published in 1976. It articulated sentiments and ideas that many people shared about wood and woodworking.[14 October 2012]

Fine Furniture
Fine furniture does not merely refer to great looking furniture but beautifully made or crafted furniture. In fact, I would say that fine furniture is that which has been designed and constructed beautifully and meant to last for a long, long time.

Making Things as a Hobby
Indians have hobbies but it is invariably reading, sports, music and the like. Music and art are the main creative hobbies most people have. The other creative hobbies like woodworking, finishing, metal working, sculpting etc. are rare. We also lack a maintenance and a Do It Yourself (DIY) culture. But things are changing in India.

The Indian DIY (Do it Yourself) Blog
This is an invitation to start a DIY and woodworking community in India and please get in touch or participate if you are so inclined.



  1. i have made a lift top coffee table watching it on youtube. the assembly i mean it lifts and comes forward 18 inches and aligns when put back. but the problem is if i tighten the nuts on the table top and the supporting planks which are connected by aluminium pipes for movement of table top i have to use force for to and fro movement and if i loosen the nuts the table top wobbles, i need suggestion regarding what sort of fasteners i should use to make it perfect and have smooth movement while lifting and putting back table top...looking for your kind reply

    1. Cannot advise without details, pcitures, plans and so on.

  2. nice writeup


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